Real Superheros - Thai boys Rescue Mission

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This happens rarely when a voice comes from our inner heart and says” Let’s salute our real superhero. Let’s cheer up their name”. Here I guess, do not need to introduce anyone to whom I’m referring by ‘superhero’ after reading the title. Don’t know why I’m feeling so proud of those rescuers. “oh come on!“, Now don’t say to me ”who rescuers?”. Well if you read the news a little, then you must well aware of these recent events because this is the event which spread over the whole world like a fired forest.
Thai boy's Parent watching over their children through Window. 
Now let me tell you what’s in my mind. Do you know what those rescuers have done? If no, then simply note it that they have changed ‘Mission Impossible‘ into ‘Mission Possible’. Well I know almost everybody but even if there is one person who didn’t know about the event then I have to cover it. This is also for those who knew about the event since the beginning, because may it possible you find something new. Whatever, Let’s begin.

  • It all started when a group of youngster belongs to a local soccer team academy Moo pa (Wild Boars) ages from 11 to 17 and their coach, 25, entered in a cave known as Tham Luang Cave.
  • They went there to celebrate the birthday of one of the member when their practice had ended.
  • They put their bicycles at the entrance and went inside without knowing what is going to happen with them in the next few days.
    The complexity of Cave from Top.
  • They were being trapped now when a heavy rain causes the entrance and surrounding area flooded.
  • They were trapped inside for about 9 days until a British diver found them alive.
  • The reason they were alive for so long because they were taking water droplets falling from a cliff.
  • When rescuers reached to the first time, the only thing they can understand by children’s conditions, they were very hungry as they had not eaten anything for 9 days.
  • They were being served by healthy food and mineral water, which rescuers have brought to them in their first trip and continuously during the mission.
  • The trip from entrance to a ledge, where boys were, was 11-hour trip. Meanwhile, there were 3 bases where rescuers took rest.
  • Thai boys were found standing on a ledge 5 KM deep inside the cave.
  • Whenever there was rain, an effort had to the setback to Pumped out water from the cave.
  • More than 1000 rescuers were involved in the mission from 18 countries.
  • Elon Musk sent their 2 Engineers for purpose if they could do any little help to save boys.
    Thai boy (center) between two Expert Divers.   
  • One audacious rescuer, Saman Kunan, had been died during the operation when he was taking oxygen cylinder for boys while his own was running out at early stages of the mission.
  • On 8th July, the rescue team went inside to execute the real mission with complete preparation and brought out first four boys.
  • They were then shifted to a hospital in the nearest city, Chiang Rai, kept in quarantine (an isolated place) to avoid any infection.
  • Meanwhile, the rescue team took extra advantages of break-in-monsoon.
  • Another four boys were brought out on 9th July.
  • They did not bring out last five boys because they had to prepared oxygen as well as emergency cylinders and all their stuff and tools for 11-hour trip.
  • On 10th July, they brought out final four boys along with their coach successfully.
They had completed their mission. The day, the whole world was cheering out for them. They had already done what some other were saying before the mission “The Mission Impossible“. They had created the history. According to the latest report, all boys are out of any infection and safe now. They have already been met by their family. However, the Medical team still saying, “They have to stay there a week more until final Confirmation”.
Thai Boys smiling from bed at Hospital (Chiang Rai).
So this was a quite simple summary for those who were completely unaware of the incident or confusing somewhere. One final thing, Let’s together give tribute to rescue, Saman Kunan, who sacrifices his life to save others. His soul will always stay in heaven, RIP.

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