The Effect of Real Educaton

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Before you start reading this, I would like to mention here that the idea of this article hasn’t come from anywhere but came from a video clip that our professor has sent to us in our group. Well, this is not about that clip so I wouldn’t talk much.

Do you ever have a thought if there would be a person, think anyone of us, whom we can consider ‘ideal’. I don’t know how would an ideal person look like. Do you? No? Then I guess I’m writing this article for the right purpose because people like you would have realized this that ‘I want to become a wise and nice person‘. That’s the fact, everybody wants himself to be good, literally an ideal person. Yes! Got me. This is what I’m telling you. We all know there’s no one liable to say ideal including those who are called so.

Here I have collected a few points which can at least presents a blurry description of an ideal in our minds. Also, We’ll also discuss the impact of education, real education, on a person. Can it make a person ideal? All this we’ll see in this article. Let’s get started- 

The effect of Real education–
There are many educated people on this planet who can consider as ‘Real educated ideal person’. However nobody is ideal because everybody has always missed something but by walk and talk, we can judge a person if he is able to fit in that ideal category or not. But who knows might he be pretending to appear like so? So it is obvious that this is not an absolute right option for judgment but it is most popular.
The impression of an ideal person.

So here we come on those highlighted points for which I was excited to tell. But wait! , Let just ask a question from yourself “How does a good man behave with parents? How do we talk usually with our favorite professor? How does a father spend earning on his son? How does a mother feed her baby?”. Did you notice, they are ideal somewhere in their respective one. Well, I guess might it reflect something, what does, actually where does ‘ideal’ represent. Now, follow me-

How would an ideal person look like:
  • Person’s behavior would be pleasant and calm.
  • The person can easily be recognized by his dressing sense. He must be in a simple dress, fashioned rarely.
  •  At office time, instead of running away from the problem, he will try to solve it.
  • The person would involve in other’s trouble as well as self and try to make them out from that.
  • The person would be well explained and probably skilled in getting an idea to explain everything in the simplest way.
  • In the situation, where often people lose their temper, wherever ideal person would first keep himself calm and try to find out the possible solution to way out from trouble.
  • The person would never create chaos.
  • The person would never talk aloud and not at all in rage.
  • And this one, I guess, not need to tell. An ideal person never deceives, showoff neither by money nor his position, hopeful, free-mind and have respect for everyone.
Well, I supposed these are the basic things that can be seen in an ideal person.

I know, you know, in fact we know we all know, we can’t follow all points mentioned above, no matter how hard we try. The fact is that, not all, but we can try to follow a few. The effect of changing self-behavior never be seen by us, but can only be seen by others. Final thing, the moral is that real education can turn a person into ideal and for a person one in a million need no education to be called as ‘ideal.

Let me know how was the article?

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