Wingify | An Indian Startup By Paras Chopra

Do you use Facebook? I'm sure yes. Then you would surely know about its owner? Zuck. Right? Do you remember some such more giant's owner? 


Fine, let me tell you, they are Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Chad Hurleyand Jawed Karim. There are even more but can't count here. What do they all have? 

They have million or billion of wealth.OK.Then how did they earn such huge wealth? Maybe they would have their Job in any company and by strong effort and huge time, they did earn such large wealth. Right?

NO !!!

You might possibly suffer from Short-Term Memory loss (I'm sorry for my bad). Don't you see I've already mentioned above that they all are some Web App giant's owner? Now let me clarify, you know, the world is growing faster in technology and becoming digital. 

In this digital world, IT service-based companies are gaining demand in a market. Basically, there are many IT, hardware-based companies all over the world but what I'm going to tell today, a story about a 23-year-old boy who started a company offering such products even YouTube and Facebook once obliged to use their product. However, they have their own tools now.

Wingify | An Indian Startup By Paras Chopra:

This is a story about a youth pursuing BE in biotechnology (BE-Bachelor of Engineering). He had started his own company by leaving his successful job. Today the company has been listed in top success companies with a turnover of more than 60 crores. We should feel proud to call out his name. What Paras has achieved was not really easy.

Wingify, Indian Startup By Paras Chopra, biography
  Wingify | An Indian Startup By Paras Chopra. 

About His Startup:

One such startup which develops tools for websites and e-commerce store which helps them to gain more profits. By its first product i.e visual website optimizer, the company became top on Analytical software provider.

Paras Chopra was born in Punjab. He was always good in study. He was introduced by computers at a very young age. According to Paras, his father used to work on the computer. He became fascinated to see him work. At the age of 13, while others were used to play games, he used to create small games. He became an expert when he passed out of school. 

Now he got admission in Delhi College of Engineering and chose biotechnology as the subject. His parents were not happy by his decision of choosing biotechnology. They always wanted their son study Computer but Paras had last his decision. Still, he didn't lose interest in the Computer. 

He used it to Create Models and used it mostly in Computer. This created him to take interest in Data-Mining and Analytics. Once Paras had said in an interview that he got a chance to read an article on 'how to start a startup' in his school days. This inspired him so much. After that, he tried his hand in some startups but all were in vain.

Origin and Escalation of Wingify:

In 2008, Paras had completed his graduation with Gold Medal and started to work as RND (Research & Development). But he still has wished to run his own startup. After 2 years in Job, he prepared a list of his career interest. After spending 1 month on this, A theme of marketing optimization became highlighted. 

Actually, he has some extra interest in such projects with a mixture of Analytics, Technology, and Marketing. Here, he got the idea of 'Wingify' and at the age of 23, he started to set the base of his startup.


So, this story might be short but it has its own charisma. This is very inspirational for every Indian young waiting for something big to happen in their life to give it motive. Always remember, 'your life starts just the moment you start living it'. So, don't wait for miracles to happen, be one, don't wait for success, create on!

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