Interesting Facts About Mariana Trench - The Deepest Spot On The Earth

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If yes, then this might delight you fill you with excitement. Because while writing this article I'm feeling excited as well. Well, I don't know if you have heard or not about the spot I'm writing about but I'm still sure after this post, you will never forget the place. So, let me now clear this to you, this is about a famous spot greatly known as Mariana Trench, a place which is known as Challenger Deep. It is the deepest place on earth. Let's go for more.

Know About Mariana Trench
01. Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the world's ocean.
It is about 180 million years old.
03. Located western in the Pacific ocean at the coast of the Philippines.
04. It is crescent shaped in the earth's crust.
05. 250 Km long and 69 Km wide.
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06. It has a maximum depth of 10,994 m at a small slot-shaped valley in its floor known as Challenger Deep at the southern end.
07. In 2009, Mariana Trench was established as United States National Monument.
08. The temperature of the bottom is 1° to 4° C.
09. Bottom pressure is 1086 bar which is 100 times more than the pressure at standard atmospheric pressure.
10. Xenophyophores have been found at such pressure and depth by ISO( Scripps Institution of Oceanography).
11. The trench became popular during a challenge expedition in the year 1875, recorded a depth of 8184 meters using a weighted rope.
12. Challenge II again recorded a depth of 10900 m using echo sounding in 1951 which is officially known as Challenger Deep till date.
13. On June 1, 2009, by using SONAR mapping, it recorded a height of 10971 +/- 22 m.
14. A submersible vessel was made by film director James Cameron in 2012. On March 26, in the year, he used it to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
15. During an expedition in 1960, claimed to have seen a flatfish about 30 cm. It was shocking to for life to exist at such a high pressure.
16. After one more expedition was carried out to confirm if it really was a flatfish turned out it was a sea cucumber.
17. There are perpetual darkness and temperature at the extreme bottom of Mariana Trench.
18. The measure of pressure at the extreme bottom is 8-ton per inch.
19. The Mariana Trench was named after the Mariana Islands, which are very close to it.
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20. The Mariana Islands themselves came from the name Mariana de Austria, consort of Felipe IV, King of Spain (blah blah whatever).

I hope you liked the article. One thing to tell, it is not wrong to say that the deep sea is a way to a new world which is isolated from our land, not completely. However in this modern world of technology, no place is unknown now but there is almost whole marine life, treasures, and human history that still has to be uncovered under the sea.

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