Everything We Know About Avengers 4!

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Avengers: Infinity War left many of us and when I say many of us, I mean all of our heartbroken this summer when half of our favorite superheroes turned to ashes when Thanos, the greatest villain of MCU ever snapped his fingers, thanks to those colourful infinity stones.

While we mourn the deaths of our heroes, the sequel to Infinity War is under production and all set to release next summer.

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A lot is going on in our fandom, everybody speculating how our heroes who were spared by the mighty snap are going to bring back our fallen warriors and half of the universe back. How will they manage to defeat The Mad Titan this time?

While the whole internet is going crazy, I bring you everything we know about Avengers 4?

Who Survived and Who Died?

At the end of the infinity war, these characters were wiped out of existence along with half of the universe -
Bucky Barnes/White Wolf
T'Challa/Black Panther
Sam Wilson/Falcon
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch
Peter Quill/Star Lord
Stephen Strange/Dr. Strange
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Maria Hill
Nick Fury

While these characters were already killed before the snap -

The original team of the Avengers along with some other characters survived the snap -
Steve Rogers/Captain America
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Bruce Banners/Hulk
James Rhodes/War Machine
Tony Stark/Iron Man

It was later confirmed by the directors that the other characters who Survived are -
May Parker and

Who Were Absent?

Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Clint Barton/Hawkeye were totally absent from the movie which was really dissappointing but they are confirmed for Avengers 4 and are believed to have an important roles in the film.

Confirmed Cast!

All the characters from the Infinity War are confirmed to appear in the sequel along with Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Captain Marvel and that too with a bang!

Rumored Plot!

Alot has been going on about the plot of the movie. Some set photos leaked which made sure that our heroes are going back in time. In these photos, our heroes are at some place which looks like the New-York battle in the first Avengers movie.

It looks like Dr. Strange had a plan and this was one of those outcomes of all the fights which our favourite wizard had forseen with the help of time stone in the Infinity War.

Some of the characters that died in the movie have sequels to their respective movies announced already. It is certain that they will come back!

However it could be the end of the journey for the original team of the Avengers as the actors playing their characters have hinted about retiring from the roles. We could see no more of them! 

Now On to Some Fan Theories

Here are some crazy fan theories going all about the internet -

1. Captain America died in Infinity War

This theory suggests that Thanos killed Steve Rogers when he punched him to the ground. But when he used time stone to bring Vision back, the surroundings got affected too that's how Steve came back too.

2. Captain America will die and meet Peggy in afterlife

Our hero never got to his first dance date with his beloved Peggy but this theory suggests that when our hero will die in Avengers 4, he will finally get to meet Peggy and dance with her in afterlife. If he is gonna die, we would love for him to get his love back, wouldn't we?

3. Loki is Alive!

Well, there's just so many of these theories. Fans are just not gonna believe and move on with how brutally and helplessly our favourite trickster was murdered. 

People are so not okay with that. And this theory suggests that he is Alive and out there. He faked his own death which apparently is his signature. Well, who knows? 

Let's wait and see.

And there's more of these theories. The Internet is literally flooding with these theories.

Well, that was what we know about Avengers 4. It was significantly insignificant but no one really knows what is gonna happen except the directors, Russo Bros. So we'll just have to wait untill next summer.

The Avengers 4 is set to release on May 3,  2019. Stay Hooked!

Let me know your theory below and how was the article?

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