Costa Rica - Really Worth visiting? Really a dream place?

Hello Readers,
Do you like traveling or exploring new places?

If yes, then this article might appear adventurous to you because today, I'm going to take you a very special place - Costa Rica.

Most people don't know about this, there may be several reasons. Some of them might be that this is not a vast country, but it is an island and there is no such famous artificial thing like temples, building but it is known for its natural beauty.

It has a beautiful scenario really. One thing I need to tell you that there's something about this place which makes it a world tourism place.

Before I'll get started over this article, you need to listen where the idea of this article came from.
Yes, it is also as interesting as the article is. Trust me.

A few days ago, one of my friend school friends called me. First few mins, we talked normally as usual, but suddenly he asked me that, "Rahul,  do you know where can you find world's one of most beautiful scenario"

I suggest him ambiguously, ' Switzerland, maybe? '

He said, " No, the place I'm telling about is far more beautiful than the one you told. "

Then after I told him many more places which is in my mind but every time he denied.

Then I requested for some hint. He gave hint that all the Jurassic Park film shot there. Still, I didn't get it. He again gave me another hint that the place has currency 'Colon'.

I immediately googled that word and found the result finally. It was....

It was Costa Rica.

View of Costa Rica

I was wondered why haven't I heard about this place before?

He also told me that it is the place around North America. I again google the place and went to image search. I saw some pictures of Costa-Rica.

Do you know what I found?

I found the place really much interesting. I said to my friend, who is still on call,  "Yes, you're right. I liked the place very much. It is the place exactly like one when we hear someone talking about, the place of dreams, and the mind creates the image, same like this. "

However, I'm not a traveler yet but loved it. But if someone asks me whether it is a good place to visit or not.

I would recommend him to visit this place. I also wish to visit the place after that talk.

I think everyone should visit this place once in their life.

Let me know how was the article and share your thoughts.

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