Viraj Adhav | Finest Dubbing Artist For Hollywood Movies

This article is about a person whose face isn't much famous but his voice must be heard by that every person who loves to watch Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi. Well, his name is Viraj Adhav. He is an actor and professional dubbing artist by profession.

If you're not remembered, then we'll tell you in which movies he has given his voice. But before starting anything, I must tell that he has god gifted voice and according to me, he's a secret superstar. I guess now I don't need to tell why I said so.

Ok, Let's proceed further to know about his early life, filmography, dubbing career and few of his voice samples.

Viraj Adhav | Finest Dubbing Artist For Hollywood Movies:

Viraj Adhav: Professional Voice Artist of Hollywood Movies
Viraj Adhav: A Secret Superstar

Birth and Early Life:

Viraj Adhav was born on 31 October 1977 in Mumbai. He worked initially as the voice-over artist for many commercials and ads.
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He had done commercials for Pradeep Sarkar, Film director (aka Dada among their team). Later, he was hired for a voice-over for a very famous character (obviously not in India till its Hindi version) Peter Parker in Spiderman TV series.

After that, people loved his dubbed voice in spiderman. He started receiving bunches of dubbing projects for various Hollywood films.


He has done a film Lafangey Parinday starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone in 2010. Along with Viraj, there were two more actors in this film, Namit Das and Vinay Sharma.

Vinay Sharma has done an acting course from FTII. This film was his debut film but Namit Das, who had already worked in two more movies before.

In this film, these three were the friend of Neil Nitin Mukesh who used to speak Mumbai's Tapori language.

Dubbing For Hollywood Film:

Now let's see in which popular Hollywood movies he has given his voice.

1. Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible series as Ethan Hunt

2. Tobey Maguire in Spiderman trilogy as Peter Parker

3. Scott Summer/ Cyclopes in X-Men Evolution.
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4. Owen Wilson in Anaconda as Gary Dixon.

5. Tom Cruise in Knight & Day as Roy Miller

6. Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages as Stacee Jaxx

7. Nicolas Cage in Face Off as Castor Troy.

8. Kenanu Reiver in Matrix Trilogy as Neo

9. Hugh Jackman in X-Men as Logan/Wolverine

10. Orlando Bloom in Pirates of Carribean as Will Turner

11. Sam Worthington in Avatar  as Jack sully

12. Chadwick Boseman in Black PantherInfinity War, and Endgame as T'challa/Black Panther

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Along with these Hollywood film, he also dubbed for many more Hollywood as well as Bollywood Films. He has also done voice over for many Indian actors at their initial stage.

In addition to these, he dubbed for two or three Animated movies. He's also famous for voice over for M.S Dhoni's all ads. And he is still giving his voice for many upcoming films.

However, there are many dubbing artists but Viraj Adhav is different because he's a mimicry artist too. Really he's a multi-talented secret superstar. Click here to check the sample.

Let me know your view through your comments.

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