Story of Osama Bin Laden and Origin of Al-Qaeda

Note:- Since this is highly sensitive topic, the post does not content any content that belong to religion. This is just an information.

This post might be important to those who doesn't know what drastic event already been happened in the world. This is also about humans who crosses their all limits and are fighting worse than wild animals. Only aim to aware you about some such events and Osama Bin Laden, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitive.

Osama and Al-Qaeda

Early life and Education:-

Osama was born in Saudi 1957 in Saudi Arabia in a very rich modern family. Osama was popularly know by world as Laden but in actual, his name was Osama and Laden was used as his sar name.

His father Muhammad bin Laden was a businessman and one of the richest person in Saudi Arabia. He was one of the modern thinking person among his 50 siblings.

In decades of 70s, Laden completed his Civil Engineering degree from one of the finest University in Saudi Arabia.

And after that, he focused himself toward his family business and during this period, he married to a Syrian girl as his first wife and was living a simple life.

Origin of Al-QAEDA:

Then after he got a chance to meet up with a professor of some popular University. 

He was a professor who used to teach a subject in which he used to describe basically the current condition of Muslims in other countriesOsama believed that Muslims countries should not be influenced by Western countries. 

At the same time, Afganistan was under attack by Russia, that's why Osama had planned to fight against Russia in favour of Afganistan. Meanwhile he was planning, Russia had already been ruled over Afganisthan.

Finally, Osama had decided to fight against Russia for 'Aman'. This was also right moment for America to defeat Russia along with an organization, Taliban.

Even Laden created his own organization known as 'AL-QAEDA'

With the help of 'TALIBAN' and 'AL-QAEDA', America defeated Russia very easily. This was tough time for Russia when these three attacked together.

This victory made the Laden a hero in his community.

But America always aim to be wanted to build his own puppet army in Afganisthan. Just like same way what Britishers had done to India.

But Taliban and Al-Qaeda were not agreed with that. So due to this reason, Osama announced that now he wanted a war against America.

Became FBI's most wanted:-

In decades of 90s, during Iraq war, Osama became a biggest obstacle for America.

In 2001, it was announced that World Trade Center was attacked by some terrorist organization. 

Initially 'AL-QAEDA' was blamed for this but later when it was asked privately to Osama whether he is really responsible for this or not. He replied only that whoever did this, had done a well work.

For some says, people felt suspicious that Osama was not really behind this attack. Eventhough there wasn't any evidence against him.

But later, FBI along with other secret agencies might found some clues and evidences. After that, he was announced as a terriost and world's most wanted person top on the FBI list.

On 2 May 2011, a news came that Laden had been shot dead by US Army under their special operation. The attack on World Trade Center is popularly known as 9/11 attack.

After event of 9/11, America became strictly alert against such attacks and condition of Muslims in America became more worse than they'd been treated before.

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