How to change PC password without knowing current password [Command Prompt]

Hello readers,

This post may helpful for those who always Keen to learn new tips about computers. Also this is a shortcut method for changing password of your PC even in case if you forgot your current password as just mentioned in title.

This will going to reduce your time and most interesting part is doing coding stuff at command prompt in front of your friends has its own fun.

But till yet, your traditional method for changing password of your PC by going into 'Control Panel' and then set it was boring too.

So, let's start how can you change your Window password using command prompt in just few steps (without knowing current password) :-

1. Open command prompt as Administrative

For those who don't know how to open it :-
Go to >Start on left bottom of screen
Go to >Run and type 'cmd'
>Right click on black box appeared in search
>Open it as 'Run as Administrative'

2. Type 'net user' on cmd and enter

A list of all user available in your PC will appear. Then you have to choose for which user you want to change password, this is the case when there are multiple user account already created in single PC.

3.Then type 'net user %username% %YourNewPassword%' and hit enter

(Note:- Replace the text between %_% by your user name available and your new password respectively. You need not to include % symbol)

4. Password has been changed successfully

A message saying your command has been executed successfully means that you have changed your PC password successfully.

Well, I hope this simple and short method of changing password of anyone's PC may help you alot. Let me know through your comments how much my work is appreciable.

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