How to Encrypt/Decrypt Files using command Prompt?

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In this tiny article, we'll learn to do encrypt or decrypt files using command prompt. For those who don't know what encryption/decryption means:

Encryption :- Converting plaintext into some coded form which is non-readable to person.

Decryption :- It is the process of converting coded-form back into plaintext.

Encryption/Decryption mostly used while transmitting data over internet. Now, Let's see how can you encrypt/decrypt file using command prompt in just simple steps.
1. For Encrypting files 

>Go to directory where target files are resides by cd command (eg. cd home/xyz).

>Make sure there must contain at least one file of any extension (eg. exe, ppt, mp3, mkv, mp4, jpeg, png, gif etc).

>Type 'cipher /e' command and hit enter (/e stand for encryption here).

> Your files are successfully encrypted.

Now, when you will try to open your encrypted files, it will not open as usual. Rather it display a prompt box saying "Access is denied".

2. For Decrypting files

>If you're in same older where encrypted files are contain, then it's fine otherwise go to that folder first in command prompt.

>Type 'cipher /d' and hit enter.

>Your files are now decrypted and can be able to open as usual.

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