What Is Akashic Record? Really A Huge Repository of Knowledge?

Here's I'm with a new theme 'Akashic Record'. Now, What is The Akashic Record? Probably, the first question in our mind. When I first came to know about this term, I was shocked to know if such a theory or hypothesis could be assumable.

The meaning of the whole word is simple, Akashic means 'belong to the sky' and Record means 'repository'. It whole means the repository of something that comes or belongs to the sky.

Akashic Record - Huge repository of Knowleadge

What is Akashic Records:

It is believed that every moment, feeling, emotion, and action of humans including interaction with entities either living or non-living or with other objects or thing and even every minor detail of the all chaos happening anywhere in this existence is being recorded somewhere in the universe. 

Akashic Records beliefs not be physical and do not exist in or at any physical place but rather believe these are accessible only through deep meditation.

Akashic Records are a huge repository of Knowledge means an inter cosmos network across the whole universe which is certainly much more than that of an intergalactic network.

Anyone from the globe through a certain requirement and deep meditation can access Akashic Records. Many people around the world had claimed that they successfully accessed those records and even got enough knowledge from cosmos.

Evidence of Akashic Records:

'Coincidence' is a word that entertains us with its meaning. There are certain things which signify toward the existence of 'Akashic Records'.

Many people who know about these things think that 'Premonition' does not relate to 'Akashic Records' in any way. But in contrast, Premonition belief to be one of the key evidence 'Akashic Record'.

Premonition is a strong feeling of one's about something that is going to happen with him, something unpleasant.

One more thing, 'Akashic Records' does not give only knowledge of advanced technology and genetic engineering but also give knowledge about future predictions for one's life. Because as said it contains everything. The real knowledge is there in the sky.

Some evidence in Hindu Mythology:

The future prediction example can be better understand by when you look back in ancient Hindu mythology stories and pay attention to that particular incident when Lord Krishna's maternal uncle, Kansa was saying goodbye to her sister, Devaki with her marriage with Vasudeva. During this, an 'Akashwani' happened and said 'Devaki's eighth children would be responsible for his disaster'.

I think no further need to tell the story because you've heard it a lot by your mother, father or in books. But what do you think? Is there any God who claimed his future death by his own nephew.

Certainly, it was the events which include the Akashic Records and that voice from the sky would certainly be heard by all of them in their minds, no physical voice like someone went into the sky behind clouds with a loudspeaker and start predicting.

Most people from Hindu mythology were allowed to access those hidden records or information which is certainly invisible and inaccessible to normal people of that time. One of them from ancient India was sage, Narada Muni, who had marvelous and miraculous power to gain huge knowledge from the sky. Here the sky is a symbolism of 'Akashic Records'. He also believed to be used to travel in all three Lokas.

In terms of Modern World:

According to modern science, It is to be clear that no evidence in favor of such records has found yet. But it doesn't lead anywhere. However, some deciphers across the globe have picked old texts and concluded some results that are interesting and seems to be acceptable because somehow they work in a similar way as these records were.

Akashic Records were similar like modern-day cloud servers:

As just like in a cloud server, we retrieve any information anywhere across the globe. Sky records were similar and perhaps more advanced too because these had the capability to predict someone's fate.

Moreover, they were very very huge, in fact even much more than an intergalactic network. They were only accessible through minds rather than modern-day microdevices.

Final words:

According to someone's famous saying that "Everything is explainable but the problem needs to find out how?". There is a lot of need to explain but not in this article. I tried to continue in the next article how modern-day cloud server raises conflict when people find similarity in both of them. One of the main reason behind this about their controlling. One is minded controllable while other is not. Just think.

Let me know through your comment how would you find this article? Is the article Helpful?

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