Best Bollywood Horror Movies

Everyone like horror movies including me. In this article, you'll be shown some selected Best Bollywood Horror Movies. The list of horror movies based on IMDB rating as well as personal collective data. 

Some of the movies are made before the 2000s but still good at rating. But today, nobody watches those old dramatic movies. That's why skipping those movies. Only movies after the 2000s are shown. Let's Begin.

best bollywood horror movies, spooky horror hindi films
Best Hindi Horror Films 

Best Bollywood Horror Movies:

Phoonk movie, hindi horror movie
Source: IMP Awards

What made it Horror
: Still frame and focus for a while on non-living objects eg. dolls, figures, and statues, etc. These scenes are a little freaking. Rest film's story depends.

Synopsis: A young engineer is dismissed from his job by his boss after he tried to unethically sabotage a project to his advantage. He is insulted in public and fired. His wife decides to settle scores.

Release date: 22 August 2008
Movie director: Ram Gopal Varma

9. Pari: Not A FAIRYTALE:
What made it horrorThe movie scares the viewer in some scenes. Faces and all could make some viewers freak out. But the majority of the audience did not find this movie so scary.

SynopsisA kind-hearted man tries to help Rukhsana, a woman who is chained inside a hut and is a victim of abuse. However, things are not as they appear.

Release date: 2 March 2018
Movie director: Prosit Roy

8. Vaastu Shastra:
Vaastu Shastra postor
Source: Pinterest

What made it horror
: Viewer may experience the same old spooky Hindi, supernatural film. The sound effects of the horror scenes are terrific and terrifying. The best part of the drama is that it unfolds very naturally and gives the feeling that this could happen with anyone.

Synopsis: Horror comes calling when an author and his family move to an old house in the countryside. His young son notices inexplainable occurrences, but the family members ignore him until the murders begin.

Release date: 22 October 2004
Movie director: Saurab Narang

7. Haunted 3D:
Haunted 3D, hindi horrror movie
Source: DesiMartini

What made it horror: Story begins with a twist and after there, the paranormal activity with horrific sound effect and background music surely are the best part of the movie. Later in the movie, creepy faces with sudden burst sound freak the viewers.

Synopsis: Disregarding tales that Glen Manor is haunted, Rehan travels to Koti, Shimla, to prepare the house for sale. Realizing the stories are true, he is taken back to the year 1936, hoping to rewrite history.

Release date: 6 May 2011
Movie director: Vikram Bhatt

6. 1920:
1920 movie postor
Source: Pinterest

What made it horror: The actual horrific thing that it is based on a real incident, about a couple of the 1920s. According to Wiki, 'One of the shooting location, Allerton Castle, England mansion was owned by a billionaire, who lived with his wife and he killed a carpenter. The carpenter's spirit is rumored to be haunting the place. Bhatt and Sharma experienced an unusual incident while filming at this house. Inside the mansion, a huge portrait of the lady is hung on one of its walls. When they attempted to take a photograph of this portrait, the picture always came out blurred, no matter what angle they took it from'. After reading that, probably, many would go for it only because it is based on a real incident.

Synopsis: Arjun and Lisa, who are in love with each other, move to a haunted mansion, unaware of the danger that awaits them. However, when Lisa gets possessed by a demonic spirit, Arjun decides to save her.

Release date: 12 September 2008
Movie director: Vikram Bhatt
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5. Raaz:
Raaz movie, hindi horror movies
Raaz (2002). Source: Yahoo

What made it horror: The background effects and the sound mixing is also good for a scare. Some real atmospheric scares are generated in the movie. The film displays almost all sorts of horror cliches that are familiar to us these days.

Synopsis: Sanjana and Aditya go to Ooty for a holiday to save their unsteady marriage. However, Sanjana is haunted by a spirit who reveals some dark secrets about Aditya and his past.

Release date: 1 February 2002
Movie director: Vikram Bhatt

4. Bhoot:

Bhoot Movie, hindi horror movies
Source: Pinterest

What made it horrorSome creepy looking doll and eerie music are the best scary parts. In fact, Many viewers find the movie's first half scary but second half, not much.

Synopsis: When a married couple moves into a flat that is haunted by a spirit, a series of inexplicable experiences drive the wife to near madness. Now, the husband must protect his wife to save their marriage.

Release date: 30 May 2003
Movie director: Ram Gopal Varma

3. Horror Story:
Horror Story Movie, hindi horrror movies
Source: Tes

What made it horror: Some creepy faces and eerie sound effects you'll find scary in some scenes. However, the escalation of building horror is good in the beginning but later ruins.

Synopsis: A group of friends meets to bid farewell to another friend, who is going abroad. They decide to spend the night in a haunted hotel, which changes their life in a way they least expected.

Release date: 13 September 2013
Movie director: Ayush Raina

2. NH-8: Road To Nidhivan:
What made it horror: (This is the only movie in which no physical ghost or spirit you'll see appear). But rather it scary you by its creepy still camera scenes and bizarre environment. However, the films also follow the same old documentary shoot idea of a famous haunted place and that's all. Unfortunately, the movie does not fulfill the audience's expectation. But In my opinion, the movie is worth to watch.

Synopsis: NH-8 Road to Nidhivan is an Indian Psychological- Suspense Thriller film directed by Munindra Gupta and produced by Sunil Goel and Niharika Jha. The film is released on 17 April 2015.

Release date: 17 April 2015
Movie director: Munindra Gupta


13B movie, hindi horror movies
Source: CineMaterial

What made it horror: Perfect story, Perfect horror Escalation, Perfect Acting, and Perfect Environment but the ending is unexpected. IMDB's highest rating Bollywood horror movie.

Synopsis: Manohar, along with his family, moves into a new apartment on the 13th floor. However, their peace is disturbed by a spirit that uses the television set as a medium to communicate with them.

Release date: 6 March 2009 

Movie director: Vikram Kumar

Final Words:

To experience the horror, the Best Bollywood Horror. Movies are arranged in an up to down manner. This arrangement is made based on collective data and viewers experience as well as IMDB rating. My suggestion is to watch movies in the given arrangement to escalate your horrific experience.

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