Is Black Hole Really a Hole?

Believe me, as much fun as I'm going to write to you, you'll enjoy reading. In this article, you'll uncover whether 'Black Hole really a Hole', and we're seeing how fast is our society developing. Astrophysicist recently unveiled the mystery behind the Black Hole using recent simulation system.


According to Wikipedia "A simulation is an approximate imitation of the operation of a process or system". More simply, simulation provides an approximate environment in which a certain process can be tested. It is mainly used for the entertaining purpose in Games media and experiment purpose as well. In fact, Modern 3D games are simulated, they have their virtual worlds.

On 6th June, Scientists finished the most detailed simulation of a Black Hole. It is mainly designed for showing how a black hole consumes matter. It is an intensive nature of a black hole that it devours its nearby objects. 

Recently, on 10th April, a team of astronomer released the first image of a black ever. This was a huge step up for humanity. They captured the data using 'Event Horizon Telescope(EHT). It is not a single telescope, rather an array of radio telescopes spread globally and data synchronized. 

The EHT captured the image in Messier 87 (M87) galaxy. The captured black hole is a type of supermassive. It has a mass of 2.4 billion Solar Masses. It really helps a lot to study deeply about black holes.

Event Horizon Telescope. Source: NextBigFuture

Formation of Black Hole:

A black hole is born when a large star collapses in on itself (or under its own weight due to the weak core). Far from being a hole "hole", they are instead incredibly dense objects with a gravitational pull so strong that nothing, not even light, may escape them.

As they suck in the matter, they form an accretion ( a swirling mass of super-accelerated particles that are the brightest objects in the universe) around them. An accretion disk of a black hole leads to form a Quasars.

Quasars and Their Formation:

Quasars are also objects among the hundreds other in the universe. They are known for their extreme brightness and also considered them as brightest objects in the universe yet. 

Intense heat and light are emitted from the accretion disk, caused by friction produced from the material swirling around, and eventually fall into, the black hole. However, the redness in the first image captured of M87 black hole actually is its accretion disk forming a Quasar

The fact is that no technology is present yet which can capture data beyond the Event Horizon of a black hole (aka point of no return). There are several revolving around black hole including the most interesting and famous one, i.e Time Travel.

It is the accelerated disk that can be seen as a blurry halo around the image of a black hole released in April. But it is found that accretion disks are nearly always titled at an angle to the orientation of the black hole. It is known as the equatorial plane.

But no model or simulation could ever work out how, precisely, that would happen. Until now.


A team of astrophysicists used a GPU (graphical processing unit) to crunch large sets of data and simulate how black holes interact with accretion disks. By using these setups, they found that it is precisely this electromagnetic effect that causes matter to fall to the center of the black hole.

A professor of Northwestern University, Alexander said that "Matter accumulating near a black hole is like throwing a dart at the center of the board at random".

It is fact that when matter falls into the black hole it has some rotation but this rotation will have nothing generally to do with how the black hole rotates. Simply, both the rotation are independent and tell nothing about each other.

Honestly, after uncovering fundamentals, want to say one thing that all those who are living in this generation should feel lucky & bless, at least who got the chance to see a real black hole.

Let me know how did you find this article. Stay tuned.

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