Meaning & Evolution of Domino's Logo

Do you like hot cheese pizza? If you do, then where do you go to eat one? Domino's Pizza? Pizza Hut? Pizza King? Chicago pizza? or anywhere else? 

I'm sure you would be one of above or if you're kind of person who uses all types outlet rather than a particular, then I'll count those in exceptional. But here, whenever people or some of our friend in the group talks about pizza, then the first image comes in our mind, that is Domino's pizza or sometimes maybe Pizza Hut.


This is because Domino's Pizza is very famous as it has been providing good service from tasty pizza to home delivery service since 1960. Yes, it is founded on 9 December 1960 in Yps, Michigan, US. It is founded by three people Tom Monaghan, Dominick DiVarti, James Monaghan

Later owned by two brothers, Tom and James Monaghan. However, it's home delivery service had launched long after its founding.

Have you ever wondered what does its logo represents? I mean three dots and why they chose a combination of red-blue color for their logo?

Today, In this article you'll fully aware of Domino's Pizza logo by the end of this article since it's beginning till now, like no. of times its logo has been altered, it's design, orientation and all about it. So let's go for it.

Domino's Pizza origin:

Domino's Inc is an American pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960. The Corporation is headquartered at the Dominos farms office park in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Evolution of Domino's logo:

Domino's Logo Evolution
Evolution of Domino's Logo since 1960-Present. Source: SlideShare

1960 -1977

The original logo featured a red domino on the top, with the Domino's pizza text in white on a blue rectangle below the domino. The first domino had two dots and second had only one dot. 
The dots represent the pizza chain's original three locations.


By 1977, the logo was flipped a half on its left side and entire Domino's pizza text turned to uppercase letters. In addition, the Domino's was put inside a rectangle on the left side of the logo.


By 1996, the logo was altered to look like a diamond. The red Domino's became a bit darker and Domino's pizza text again turned into lowercase. They skew the logo this time to become look alike a kite.


On August 14,2012, Domino's released its new logo and dropped "pizza" from their name, In addition, the rectangle with two dots was changed to the same color as the rectangle with text from 1960's logo.

This is first advertised on 1st October 2012
The current Domino's logo was created in early 2012 and is still in use. Personally saying, only even its logo gives a feel of having a Pizza.

First Domino's Store. Source: Domino's Recruitment

Two rectangle and Three-dots:

Domino's is a chain based restaurant. A chain means a set of related restaurants in many different locations or different countries. Like Domino's and Pizza Hut are two famous pizza's chain based restaurant worldwide. However, nowadays every other restaurant has a franchise agreement.

Meanwhile, if we take a look at the logo again then anyone can notice that apparently, original logo having two and one dots remain same in all altered logo's further. A little change has made in its name (only alteration in the word 'Domino's') and that's it.

These three dots, in fact, represent the pizza chain's original three locations that were all in the US. if you want to know how Domino's get its name then you can read it on here

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