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Many time you want to edit photo or logo at some location, maybe from a cyber cafe, or a school lab, etc. From there, you're not able to edit them in your favorite Adobe software, Gimp or any other. There are many websites available for Online Photo Editing but not all are Free.

In that case, what you need to be sure about an internet connection. There are a lot of websites where you can do editing just like in your offline Editing software. But personally speaking, most of them are very much irritable. Many don't have a good-looking User Interface, some show disturbing & irritating ads sometimes in the middle and sidebar. 

Free Website For Online Photo Editing:

Free Online Pro Photo Editing Websites | Without Registration, online edit photo free
Free Website For Online Photo Editing | Without Registration

There are even available such websites at which you'll feel comfortable in editing having ads or not. Those sites which contain ads (any free online tool contains ads) are not so irritating like many others. They have good interface too. 

Ipiccy- Free Online Photo Editing:

Ipiccy, edit photo online free
This is the best free website for basic photo editing. It has a lot of regular tools like in every basic editing software. It has tools like Blur, Text adding, Text position, Resize, Double exposure ( adding images within another like text), Auto Fixing, Rotation & Flipping, Vibrance ( a tool used to set warmth & coolness) and Cropping. There are a lot more tools available (like Hue, doodles & stickers, curves, levels, etc).

In this free editing website, there are also options available for Collage (Combing more than one photo in a single photo) and Creating Design, in which you can create your own design ( That one I've not tried yet but very soon).

For those who find Adobe's Photoshop, Lightroom like software complex because of too much functionality (as they are professional softs). Then with this website, they can create their own Logo within 10 Minute without any difficulty as they face in Adobe's softs. It has an additional feature, it always asks you to resize the image before saving. But only two formats are available i.e PNG & JPG.
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Tools like Burner, Dodge, and Liquify (new tools added) you should in my opinion. Visit Ipiccy from here.

Pixlr / Pixlr X- Online Photo Editing: 

Pixlr X readere
Pixlr X

This website also provides multiple tools for basic photo editing. In all, basic tools are the same as Cropping, Effects, Double Exposure, Filters and adding elements like Text and Images

You can handle each layer separately. If you want that any particular layer then locks and hide all other. When finished on that, start on another and so on. It is similar to Pixlr in PC (offline) and Mobile (Android & IOS) except for a few functionalities different.

Difference between Pixlr and Pixlr X:

Pixlr X is next version of Pixlr. It has a few extra features and tools added. Additional to this, the next version tried to improve its User Interface. You'll feel the difference when you work on them. Visit Pixlr and Pixlr X.

FreeOnlinePhotoEditor - Edit Photo Online:

free online photo editor readere, edit photo online free
It does not look like a pro but still, you can just do basic editing in this. It has advantages like it is faster than others. But you'll not find many advanced features as in above editing websites. 

Whenever I tried this, I found that Quality of added text reduces when you save them on your computer after finish editing. It also has some good fixed features like Effects, Filters, Borders and Enhance. Visit the website from here.

Online Image Editor:

online Image Editor, edit photo online free
Online Image Editor
This is the website I'll not recommend to anyone until urgently needed just for basic Effects, Filters, and Text adding. It has not much good-looking User Interface but still, you can use it for faster editing as possible. It will show ads but don't worry they will irritate you. 

It has features like Round Corners, Rotation & Flipping, Photo Resize, Borders adding, Cut Shape, Vignette, Cropping, Color Change, and Text Adding. You should only use this website in the case when you just need to edit a photo within 2-3 minute. Just a novice editing. Visit the website from here.

Instant Photo Editing Online: , edit photo online free
It is a good website for online photo editing. It provides regular editing tools for editing. It is faster and it gives you instant editing within minutes. It has features like Cropping, Exposure, Rotating, Sharpness, Colors, Stickers, Effects, Frames, Textures, and Text adding. Visit the website from here.
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Let me know through your comments if I forgot to add any website that you think need to be added and how did you find this article?

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